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Edward Gledhill (1811-1888 Oldham, England) & His Descendants...
Edward Gledhill (1811-1888)
.Thomas Gledhill (1856-1933)
..Thomas Ray Gledhill (1883-1955)
...Preston & Isabelle Gledhill (1915- )
....Michael B Gledhill
.....Dustin Gledhill
.....Ryan Gledhill
.....Cami Gledhill
....Robert B Gledhill

This site is provided for gathering and linking information about Gledhill genealogy, history and misc trivia
"Committed to providing the largest collection of Gledhill related information of the web!"

We are actively seeking any information that might be useful to other Gledhills!
Please submit to
m[email protected] and we'll try to provide the means for others to enjoy!

Thanks, Mike Gledhill


Other Ancestor's Personal Histories

EAMES, Nathaniel (b. 1650)
EAMES, Nathaniel - Sarah Jones & Catherine Griffiths (Religious)
EAMES, Nathaniel (b.1715) & Margaret Morris
EAMES, Rowland (b. 1682)
EAMES, Rowland (Musician b. 1756)
GLEDHILL, David Eames (b. 1927)
GREAVES, Joseph Jr. (b. 1832)
GREAVES, Joseph letter to William Greaves (1897)
IVIE, Lillie Belle (b.1865)
IVIE, Mary Catherine Barton (b. 1837)

Other Gledhill's Personal Histories

Our site was designed with several purposes in mind.
To provide a convenient location to access information and web sites related to: Family History, Family Trees, Genealogy Links and Queries, Misc. Trivia and spotlight "accomplished" Gledhills

To provide a personal web site for the family of Preston Ray and Isabelle Romney Gledhill.








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